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posted 2 weeks ago
Anonymous asked:
Any chance of continuing this? Even though it's been so long?


Anytime we do continue to post with these characters, you’ll find it on our other accounts for them.


They were originally set up as a future timeline we were writing at the same time as these, but by now this timeline has well caught up to that one, so anytime we come back to revisit them and see how they’re doing, it will be there.

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I guess I just wanted to let you guys know that this Rachel and I are teaming up again! We’re excited to be starting a new Ask Faberry blog that can be found here. The first post will probably go up sometime tonight or tomorrow. There is an AU backstory that we’ll probably reveal over the course of answering questions and potentially writing flashback paras.

You’re the most interactive followers we’ve ever had, so we’d love to see you over there, too. We hope you are all doing well!

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Anonymous asked:
ooc: where can we find your other rps during the hiatus, c? You will be much missed!

OOC: While I debated answering this because I don’t particularly like to have all my games linked together, anyone who is interested can find me here and here for the time being.

Thank you for the kind message!

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Due to a lack of inspiration, we feel it’s best to put these accounts on hiatus. We’d rather not force ourselves if our muses just aren’t cooperating. If and when we’ll come back to them, we don’t know. 

Thank you for all your interaction and support.

posted 1 year ago
Anonymous asked:
waat kind of underwear are you wearing

Compression shorts.

posted 1 year ago
Anonymous asked:
Have you ever tattooed some guys dick? Does it need to be hard or soft while tattooing? Do you compare sizes in your mind?

Tattooing junk, which I haven’t done in a very, very long time, always made my own dick wanna fall off and crawl away. Fuck that noise.

posted 1 year ago

Sexy Saturday 

You know the drill. My Saturday night is actually slow for once, and I need to keep occupied until Rachel’s show gets out.

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posted 1 year ago
Anonymous asked:
all the weirdos in your inbox lmao

Fucking seriously, right? Like Jesus Christ go outside and breathe some fresh air every once in awhile.


posted 1 year ago
Anonymous asked:
If you get your junk fist pumped by a midget is it the same as getting a handjob by a standard size person?